Painted Pink by Karee Shaw

Last year while I was going through treatment, Karee, a friend I had met on Instagram shared a poem with me.  When I read it, I was very touched & brought to tears.  The words resonated with me deeply, having lost my own aunt to ovarian cancer, my stepmother to breast cancer & both myself & my husband having cancer… obviously it can test your strength & bring you to question your faith at some point.  But in the end, we’re given the strength we need by God, he gives us these challenges because he knows we are strong enough through him, even in the face of adversity or defeat. 

Karee originally wrote the poem when asked to write for an event at her church celebrating survivors & raising awareness.   She found her inspiration to write, in her aunt & the Grace of the Holy Spirit who allowed her to relate to a situation she’s never been in.  She says he provided her  with the words & thoughts.  I’m honored to share those words & thoughts with you today & hope you find strength in them as I did. 

Karee & her Aunt


Painted Pink by Karee Shaw


Where’s the joy of love

When sorrow enters with no invitation

Aimed at my life, ready to take it


When I have so much left on my plate

I love my family, friends & children

But the truth is… this is something they can’t eat or swallow


When faith is tested & beliefs are challenged

Trials show who you are, the face of adversity

It shows who you trust but let me explain… For I am guilty……


Take me to the judge, because I don’t understand why you put me here on earth

Amidst a system designed for man, but this is the playground for the enemy’s hand

You said you will deliver

You said you will protect but yet I’m attacked within my chest, laying down near death

Weary & fighting an uphill battle, with unsure thoughts of what might happen next

Hoping & praying, that it will work out in the end


As the doctor walks in, the storm inside thunders & shocks this heart of mine

Life stands still when the alarm of health rings.  Things change….

The cloud of worries about the simple things become in vain,

All of the world couldn’t bring me the healing I need


So I say:

Give me strength, Give me endurance, Give me love, Give me comfort, Give me energy

Give me a hug, Give me hope, Give me a smile with white teeth, Give me eyes that see courage in my beauty

Give me peace to do these things that silence the pain that screams when I’m weak

Give me your blessings poured down from above that will keep me going so I can Paint me my color Pink


I conquered this body because you conquered my soul, so I will speak my words of testimony

I will sing my song of praise,

I will dance with joy,

I will shout out I’m a winner & the battle is no more


I am a conqueror not by sight but by faith in Christ to give me tomorrow

He who saved my life & uttered these words

John 16:33 NIV

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”


So above ground or below, there is NO loss for I know,

Death is to gain, Life is to overcome & Victory reigns


So when trouble hits I know this…

I WILL survive, I CAN survive, I HAVE survived

I survived

A Conqueror of Cancer


A Soldier Painted Pink


@Karee Shaw



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